Jenrad Corporation


Jenrad corporation (Pty) Ltd is a global FMCG and commodity trading company. We specialise in manufacturing and sourcing of FMCG and commodity products for the local and offshore export market. Our product range includes, grocery lines, beverages, chilled and frozen food products, rice, sugar, various edible oils, poultry, meat, seafood, toiletries and cosmetics. All of these products are sourced through our network of manufactureres and suppliers throughout the world. We have collective management expreience of over 60 years, incorporating expertise in the fields of logistics, finance, import and export as well as commodity trading. We ensure that all goods procured from Jenrad Corp is manufactured or sourced from facilities with the highest levels of manufacturing standards, ensuring full traeceability on all our products from raw ingredients to final product.

As a company we are commited to ensuring that we procure goods from sustainable resources and we continually search for better methods of manufacture, this is part of our good business journey which ensures that our products are either fully recyclable or completely biodegareadable.

Jenrad Corporation is a small but specialised company thereby giving us the ability to offer a personalised, professional, flexible and cost effective service or product offering.

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